I know this kind of a dumb question but Im pretty new to guitar. I broke my first string the other day and I bought new ones to fix it today but I couldnt get the proper string to sound right and I overtightened it and broke my only extra string. D'OH! Tomorrow I will get new ones again and I was wondering if I should just restring the whole guitar when I get new strings.Thank you all.
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Yes I do like metal, no I'm not a close minded idiot.
Its just today when I tried replacing it,the string sounded completely off no matter how I tuned it.So I figured when I buy new ones again ill just restring the whole thing and itll be fine.
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Yes I do like metal, no I'm not a close minded idiot.
Try asking the guy at the music store to string it for you, just watching him should help you understand better.
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do you know the brand for the string on the guitar? if so then ask the guitar guy for the string you need with the namebrand, sometimes they dont sell some brand's single string you have to buy the whole set tho ... but yeah re-stringin all of them is the best option but if you can find the same kind of string as the other, itll do.
You should have the same gauge of strings on your guitar as from when you got the guitar. Lower gauge or higher gauge strings require adjustment for your guitar, so it is best to put on a consistent gauge of strings