I know this kind of a dumb question but Im pretty new to guitar. I broke my first string the other day and I bought new ones to fix it today but I couldnt get the proper string to sound right and I overtightened it and broke my only extra string. D'OH! Tomorrow I will get new ones again and I was wondering if I should just restring the whole guitar when I get new strings.Thank you all.
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When I break a string it usually indicates to me that the whole set is getting old (2 or 3 months or more) and so I change them all. Its an easy/quick job once you have done it a few times, and its probably the most inexpensive way to make your guitar sound pretty again.
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You should always replace the whole set, even if one breaks, or else it will sound like crap.

But if you break a string on a new set, just buy 1 string and put that on.
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i always used to break at least one string when i replace them while i'm tuning them so i've always got several extra packs strings around, it's wierd cuz i never break the little ones, like GBA it's always Low E or A. it's quite annoying. but i'm getting better now i don't break them, i usually replace mine after a month or two, you can always tell by feeling the strings and by the sound that they've lost some of their smooth feel and good tone.
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