Okay, I've narrowed it down to these pickup combinations. A SH-6 in the bridge and a SH-2 jazz in the neck. Versus A Gibson 500T in the bridge and a 496R in the neck. By the way the guitars an older modal Dean Noir ML, similar to the new Phantoms. The bodys also made of basswood. So which setup is better for metal tones.
Thanks a lot
^This guy probably hasn't tried any of those pickups...
I would ignore him.

The Jazz is a good pickup. Bright for a humbucker, Good for the neck.

Sorry, but that's about all I know about these pups.
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I don't like the ceramic Gibson range, I had a 500t in my Explorer and really didn't get on with it. From what i hear the SDs are a little better, but they're not really metal pickups. i daresay you could play metal on them if you wanted, but i think they're better suited to medium gain applications- hard rock at the most. Can you try out any of these pickups, in a friend's guitar etc?
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nice seymour combo there. but wrong pickups if your looking for metal, unless of course its just you play the occasional metal( if its full metal id reconsider) otherwise seymours.

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I've played a friends guitar with an sh-2 jazz, sh-4 jb setup. The sh-2 was everything I would want in a neck pickup, the jb was nice too, but i've heard sh-6's are more for high gain. I've never played or heard either a 500T or 496R, but i really like the 490R and 498T in my sg. Again this guitars for metal. So which should i go with, and If you think i should go with a different set than tell me. Nothing active though
go to dimarzio.com and do the pickup finder thing. Cus dimarzios rule. It will help you find what you want