hello friends....i put up a new song....i've got a bunch of stuff floating around my head and it just pops out spontaneously haha.....this one has a variation of copeland's "appalachian spring" melody in it cause i think it's beautiful and wanted to tie it in....sooo....tell me what you think....focus points being the 3 different melodies....and i know the vox arent good but i hope you can enjoy it!......

and it's my birthday tomorrow....word.....17.....hellz yeah....

"All My Mistakes"
Love the vocals mate. The progressions are great and would really benefit from a little more strumming behind the scenes in the first part of the of the song. I really like the melody of the vocals but in a few places it seems like your unsure of a note or 2. Get them definate and spot on.

Great song.. keep up the good work. Mature voice for 16 and definately one of the better songs i've heard today. Might go check out a bit of your other stuff. Cheers.

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This is a cool song, love the vocals, sometimes though the harmonies kinda get a bit um...annoying I think, I love your voice though especially when you are singing the verses that sounds awesome, the music is awesome, I would like to hear it done electrically with drums and everything, the melodies you have are freaking awesome. really great song I like it, I'm not sure about this, but I think it would sound better done electrically. but thats just me, the only thing id have to say is the harmonies get kinda boring or something just not feeling it, and kinda carries on for a long time, but it is definately a good song, thanks for critting mine.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
cool,vocals needed a little something to me.I really dig the harmonies though.Cool melodies.
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i like it, the lyrics are pretty good, well sung which is kinda rare, the playing could be cleaner, needs bass really bad, it would fill the sound alot more, very good start, this could be really really good with a little more added. the harmonized vocals are very well done, you did a good job on them! c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=421073

hey thanks....yeah it definitely needs other instruments, most all of my songs are pretty much set up that way i might try and go ahead and throw in bass in all of them too....im trying to set it up how it will sound live but yeah i definitely agree....thanks for the suggestion!
Your guitar work is awesome, love the progressions and slides and those crazy cool bends and stuff. Great solo also. I dont konw theres not to much to crit.

Your vocals are good! There in key, there in pitch, but there are some flats and sharps but that normal, i like them alot.

Overall great song, I love everything about it. Maybe we could do a collaberation sometime because I really like your style.

p.s. happy birthday

p.s.s i love the picking when your singing, so its playing the same notes - sweet stuff