But i'm bungled between two guitars like alot of us. Either a 250 dollar Obey graphic stratocaster or a epiphone SG. sry i know there are alot of threads like this but i'm not sure wut to do.
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sggggg. you'll be happier
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If the stratocaster is a Squier then I would go with the SG.
What specific SG and straocaster are they?
IS it a Squier and a G-310? Or a Fender and a G-400.

Also what music do you like?
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Save $50 more and get an Epiphone Vintage G-400. It will be better than the two guitar I'm guessing you're looking at by a landslide. (Squier H/S/S Obey Strat and Epi G-310 SG).
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