I don't know anyone who plays any instruments. No one at all. I seem to be the only person who plays music. I really want to start a band, but I just can't find members. I play guitar and I'm learning to sing, but finding a drummer and a bassist seems impossible.

Any advice on finding band members?
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Where are you from? Advertise in Total Guitar or Guitarist or something for musicians around your area, that's a safe bet (I think it's free too). Advertise in newsagents/newspapers etc I guess..
Another good place to advertise would be in local music shops along with as the person above said, magazine and newspapers. I'm sure theres other musicians where you are, a little advertising will hep you find them!
Heh, I have been trying to find band members here in Hong Kong, almost no one plays decent metal on bass or drums, they play those cheesy cantopop etc.

Yea, how can I find band members>
I'm actually not a fan of music store ads for the sole purpose that in my area. There are usually only 3 types of people who post ads:

1. Absolute begineers
2. Guys 40+ who want to play classic rock, blues, etc and then state they only want "working" bands.
3. Metal heads.. I honestly saw a drummer ad for a metal band before that said "must be able to play double bass 16th notes at 210bpm".... wtf?

How we used to get musicians in my inner circle was to steal musicians from other bands. Surely there has to be bands in your area. Good drummers & bassists will always be hard to find in any area you go to.

You can also try the route of teaching your friends how to play instruments if you are up for a challenge and nothing really serious. Check with the band director at your school also, they might know of some people. If you take lessons at a music shop, you also might run into some other musicians or ask teachers there.

There's also nothing wrong with a good ole-fashion myspace bullentin/blog. Word can get around.

I have a theory that no matter where you are, there will always be other musicians. The hard part is finding ones suitable for your music goals/situations and finding ones who have proper gear and dedication.
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if you live in toronto canada, your around my age 16 and your not some creepy guy i'll play bass for you (music and such dependant, and if your serious)
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