I'm 17. I've written a lot over the past couple of years. A lot of times I look back at songs I've written and don't like them... this is a song I wrote recently, so I'm not sure whether or not I'll really like it in the future. Anyway... I have a friend who I've known ever since I've moved to this town (5th grade). Over the past year or two we've kind of drifted into different crowds of friends. He's a good kid, but he tends to get mixed up with the wrong things. A few weeks ago, he overdosed on Heroin. He was driven to the hospital (by his sister who told the hospital that she was his mother) and he flatlined three times. He was lucky to be alive. The next day, he was downtown... high, again.


Tommy hated those who shaded his light from what he thought was right.

Now he's down and I'm a let him, cause only love'll keep a man from slipping away.

Under the needle, under the knife. Where are you going, and where is your life?

We'll watch the sunrise and we'll watch some friends die, but don't let old lies make up your mind.

Lord, let him survive.
Lord, remold his mind.
Lord, let him survive.

That's it... lemme know what you think of it. I'm pretty immune to taking harsh criticism, so please, don't hold back on what you really think of it. Also, a side note... the part "I'm a let him" is translated to "I'm going to let him"... pronounced kind of like "Armageddon" (eye-ma-leddim)
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I like the idea, but you need to add more to it. So far, it's quite decent, but I'm sure you're able to throw some more together that will work just great.

Also, go talk to that child.