Lmao, I'm listening now. The vocals are pretty darn hilarious. The drums and guitar sounds spot on.
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You sir, are an honorary genius! Take this badge, you made us proud!
you are soooo funny

u f ucking moron
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I feel sorry for the drummer, he gets stuck with a guitarist who can't hold a rhythm to save his life and a vocalist in the middle of a heavy-flow month.
This is utterly stupid, I don't even understand the point. Start taking your ****ing music seriously or don't waste our time.
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Sigh, more bashing on fellow musicians. Learn to be less ignorant you dumb little boy. :/

As a musician you have to appreciate other styles of music, and YOU just earned your douche bag badge, good job!

Seriously though, think it over. The only people I see making fun of the way other people sing or play their instruments are little dick heads on guitar sites. Even people who parodize (Is that a word?) music do it in a nice manner, and usually just rearrange the words to make the song more comical.

Ex: Weird Al.
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well i can tall you this much do NOT get a marshall MG. becasue you will blow the speaker with duncans in the guitar. i know for experience.

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