Part of my frustration is overcoming the amount of reach I have. Taking a tape measure, here are the measurements of my fingers if this makes sense:

1: 2-7/8"(measured between 1&2)
2: 3-3/8"(measured between 1&2)
3: 3-1/8"(measured between 2&3)
4: 2-1/8"(measured between 3&4)

For example, I have a difficult time even doing this F chord:


Is a guitar with a slim neck my very best hope to help overcome the lack of dexterity/reach I'l ever be able to have?
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Short fingers shouldnt be a problem. Ive seen 9 year old kids shred it up Vai style perfectly. Youll just have to make your OWN techniques to overcome it. Blind people do it, Im sure you can too.

Just don't do huge stretches, its not like you could, thats the only thing that having big hands helps with.
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