hey all,

i've been having this problem for quite a long time now. i use picks for picking strings. now, the thing is that there is no "harmony" my left and right hand. i can't pick very fast with my right hand, the biggest problem appears when i shift from one string to another. i've been told that i hold the pick properly but i just have to practice this.
would you happen to have any good exercise for right hand picking speed? or any tips?
oh yea, also i find it very hard to suddenly increase the picking speed when playing some stuff. even if it's just on the same string. i don't have this precision with my pick.
if you don't know what i mean, take a look at Al Di Meola for example, he often momentarily increases the picking speed at very high rates. i can kinda do it gradually, but some songs require speed BOOST at specific moments.
first off don't double post, you have an edit button, second simple excercises like:




^ continue that pattern moving one fret away each time (btw i stole it from Peace Sells, by Megadeth [/disclaimer])

other than thiings like that, just sheer practice, use a metronome or have a drum machine or drummer
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where is the pick placed? between my forefinger and thumb

my friend told me today that one of the reasons why my right hand doesn't work that well is because i don't use any anchoring so it takes more time for the hand to get used to not having any support. is that right?
alrighty i'll keep not anchoring. people say it's easier to pick while anchoring, but i started playing without anchoring so it's more natural without.
mustaine anchors and he's a fast guitarist, hammet anchors occasionally. Anchoring isn't bad at all, me personally i don't anchor, instead i establish a point of reference based on where i always lean against the guitar with my arm.
^Lol. Anchoring isn't bad? How is creating completely un-needed stress in your entire arm a good thing?