Do you guys feel like you're not progressing fast enough often? I've been feeling like that the past week or so and I can't seem to get out of my slump.
dont worry about it. how long have you been playing?

the progression of playing is like a climb with plateaus. once you get off the plateau you'll keep climbing till you hit another one. it's just how it rolls for most people.
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Its natural for most players. I've been in my fair share of slumps. Once you think you're done with guitar, something magical happens and all of a sudden you get awesome and get hooked even more. Dont worry, it WILL come.
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Nearly everyone goes through these stages of thinking their not progressing. However keep playing and practicing and you will soon find out that you have improved a lot more than you thought you would have
Yeah, this happens to everybody. It used to happen to me too, but not much any

It took me a while to realize this, but it doesn't have to be this way. Most people
have a haphazard approach to practicing. So progress is haphazard (or sometimes
stops altogether).

If you understand how your brain and body learn and remember and know where
you want to go with the guitar, you can have a very methodical approach to
practicing. With a methodical approach you only need time and patience. I now
see progress almost every single day. It really works.

At first it's fairly easy to make progress with a haphazard approach because most
of the stuff is relatively basic and easy. As time goes on, progress gets even slower
or stops entirely. So you either figure out how to practice, or what happens
very frequently you just drop the guitar altogether.