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The Rhymes need work.
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The lyrics don't make sense.
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What is the point of the song(s)?
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Eh, alright. Needs a little work.
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[Select this and die!!] It sucks! practically no talent!
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A work in progress...

[Verse 1]
You lay motionless!
Contorting what we had into something it could never become without you.
You lay broken!
Ripping my heart in a way only you could.
I lay with you!
I now know the pains of a heartbreak.
I pray with you!
I pray you wont hurt me again.

My heart will never heal.
My soul is like a movie reel:
Frame by frame, my life goes by.
I'll stay the same, but will you change for me.

I attached two short poems.
Cord And Mast Are No Match For Our Love.JPG
Love Cannot Save Me.JPG
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