Here's the deal. At the moment I'm using a Peavey backstage amp lent kindly my a mates dad, but he's coming back from holiday on Saturday and I need an amp (I only got my guitar a few weeks ago). I'm skint though, I think I could put £50 towards it, and my dads willing to pay out another 50. How about some reccomendations of a decent/good amp he won't be screaming at me for having up too loud? Second hand will do.
I just bought a Vox DA5. They're £109 retail, but I got mine for £89 at Sound Control. They're 5 watt but sound pretty decent for something so small. It comes with built-in effects, amp modelling, and noise reduction. It's also got a power select where you can take it down to 1.5w and 0.5w, so you can't have it too loud by accident.
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^^ Yup the Vox DA5 would be a great choice. Also check out the Roland Microcube. Both will be quiet, are small and can run on batteries. Personally I like the tone of the Vox series better but I have no experience with the DA5. I have only used the 15 and the head.
LOL I just use a little pod 2.0 and a set of headphones around my girlfriends flat for practising.
Does the job just fine and it only cost me 60 quid on ebay.
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