When you listen to all the best guitar solo's they all use atleast one harmonic, so how the hell do you do 'em?! I can do 'em on fret 12 with me fingers but i can never do any higher up (like fret 4 etc)

try lerning pinch harmonics search on th forum 4 it lol
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uuuuurm wrong thread, and its probably a pinched harmonic ("squeal") you are thinking of, look harmonics up in the video lessons
Wrong forum.
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Well anyways, the easiest harmonic to do is over the 12th fret, you lay your finger sideways on the fret but so it's only on 1 string, you pick it then lift your finger off, if you did it right it should make a similiar sound to the note it's by.

*rereads post* ah, the other frets are a lot harder, another easy fret is the 5th one, you're supposed to just lightly lay your finger on the string, not press it down at all.
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