Sorry dude, I didnt realise you had a thread about this. I PMed you. But since Im here what the hell. The tone is great. How do you get that punchy rythym sound? As in what gear and settings? How can you call the playing not top notch? its frickin awesome. The lead tone is cool. Again what settings? What wah are you using. What are you using to make the drums? How long have you been playing?
Wow, I thought that was really good! I suppose if you are going to have vocals you'll have more parts of the song with just plain riffing. Adding a bridge/chorus would be a suggestion becuase it did get a bit repetitive by the end.
its just a screw arouind song really, no point in it when the band plays it other than me and the other guitarist to battle haha. ive been playing for 2.5 years, and all i used to record is a line 6 podXT pro straight into the mic slot with cool edit pro. the drums i stole from an iron maiden backing track haha keep em coming!
Really tight, the leads were great, I liked the solo duel. The recording quality is also pretty damn good. What soundcard/audio interface are you using?
no, it was just drums on the backing track, so i cut out about a minute of it, and looped it twice. im using a creative Live! soundcard by the way.
I love the harmonizing in the beginning, nice guitar duel, great metal song, Its so wonderful hearing something different than a ballad on this forum for once