Well I have had guitarport for about 2 months now and i was wondering if anyone has subscribed to the online portion? Is it worth it? What exactly do you get? I looked on line6's website and it just said lessons and tab it didnt go into any detail. I'm curious to see what others think before I subscribe.
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GPO has lessons and tabs, as well as backign tracks. But for months now, they haven't really added anything new to their material, and lot of the good back material has been removed. It's been speculated that Line 6 didn't renew their licensing for this material and that's why it's been dropped...

But I think if you intend to use it as a learning tool, you can definately gt some value out of GPO. You get a free month subscription to let you try it out, so you may want to try it out. If you don't liek it at the end of the month, unsubscribe and it will cost you nothing.
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