Is there any high end Ibanez or other brand that would be a good alternative to the JS series? I'm looking to getting a bit more technical, tapping, shredding? It's been going alright on my Fat strat which has HB's in the bridge, but I find tapping in the higher octaves difficult.

Or maybe I don't even need to consider another guitar?

Trying to tap clean, so it's a bit harder. Distortion just covers up the mistakes, and with all the gain it's very easy to have a light touch.

Tapping without gain is a bitch.
NOthing is a good alternative becaues the JS series pwns, but if you don't like it, then an RG or JEM would do it too.....I don't really get your question, or the statement underneath but hey... I don't think you really need another guitar anyway, you can tap on anything, even an acoustic.
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If you are referring to difficulty with getting sound, try something with EMG HBs, they are known for their clarity and enunciation of separate notes. If the problem is reaching, try something with good access to the upper frets. I use a steinberger and the problem is absolutely moot for me.
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ummm Steve Vai sig models or any RG Prestige models

WHy buy a Prestige when you can get J-customs?
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WHy buy a Prestige when you can get J-customs?

because nobody can easily get J-Customs from their local guitar store
Sorry, I should of clarified. The reason I am looking for an alternative to the JS1200/1000 is because of the price tag. Something sub-1000$ would be nice.
RG1570 prestige, and BTW I can easily and very cleanly play eruption and tons of tapping on acoustic so you might just want to practice your tapping
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Thanks, I'll work on my tapping a bit more then. It might just be the curvature of the fret board that makes it tough up high?

Also for tapping, I'm assuming low action and big frets are good?
ibanez S series, even though they have a bit of mahagony in them, i get a great satch tone from my stock Prestige S.
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