so here it goes.

what does a pickup do?

i know this is stupid but why do you need a pickup?an what does it do to change the sound?

thanx for checking out my noob questions.

you can go right here and it'll tell you almost everything plus they got a link to howstuffworks!! have fun and rock on
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A pickup is a thing that picks up your strings vibrations and converts them to an electrical signal, which goes to your amp.

Different pickups sound different. I'm not gonna go into the details now.
Pickups act like a translator to turn the vibrations of the string into electrical current. Different pickups translate the vibrations in slightly different ways, so some have more bas or more treble than others, some make the sound louder than others do. The pickup faq pretty much says it all
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In its simplest form, a pickup is a microphone.
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