I'm looking to get this amp with an Ibanez RG321MH but I'm only 16 and just got paid and have £350 in my account. If I was to buy the 30W amd it would leave me with about £15 for the month which won't cover my mobile bill so saving money buying the 15W amp seems a good idea. I only play at home and jam with a few friends, I'm not a member of a band yet so do you think I'd really suffer a lot from buying the 15W amp instead of the 30? I don't really have the volume up loads so it doesn't have to be really loud.
Other than the volume, there is no difference. If there is a drummer however, you will be unable to hear the 15W. If the 15W suits what you need, then get it. If you cant pay tour mobile bill, than wait until you have enough money so you can and buy the 30W
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well 30 watts are ok
but it depends
are you only going to practice with your amp in your room?
or are you willing to have a band and jam sometimes?
but if the second point about the band is the one you want to take...you should save up more money on a better amp...
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the 30w has a dial, so you can lower the wattage, the 15w doesn't have this.
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The volume is not an issue becuase if I go round my friend I use his amp anyway since it's a 50W. So my amp is mainly for at home in my room. It's more of a money issue tbh. 15W seems to have all the same effects and channels as the 30W but for about £40 less which leaves me a bit more spare cash.
No wattage adjustment and I believe the speaker is smaller. Those are really the only differences. FX/Models are the same.
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i say go for a 50 watt better speaker and louder and will last you
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If it's between the 15 and the 30, go for the 30, it'll last you longer.
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It's seriously not the volume I'm after. I can't afford a lot at the moment. So the 15W will have to do for a bit.
I would try and save up for one that you can use outside the home. It's always nicer playing your own amp and if it's what you practice on you will be able to get the tone you want out of it.
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