im trying trying to learn needles by system of a down and cant get to grips with this riff i either go straight from the 6th fret to 0 or just mess it up any suggestions or things i could do to help me learn it?

Try playing it slower, then slowly build up speed till you are comfortable...

Or get Guitar Pro 5 and play along.

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what you do is put your pointer finger over the 5th and 5th on the 1st and 2nd string then you use your middle finger and put it on sixth and sort of lift up your middle and rub off the 5th fret with the pointer. thats what i do but you have to do it really lightly
The best way to build up your speed and accuracy is to play with a metronome. Set the metronome at the fastest speed you can possibly play the lick / riff, and play it thru a few times. Then, knock the metronome up a couple of BPM, and practice the same riff until you can play it without screwups. Then, bump up the metronome again. Keep doing this until you reach the speed you need to play it at.

And be sure that you're using your fingers correctly to play this riff. It's actually quite easy, but if you're the 1-finger players that's sliding from the 6th to 5th fret, you'll never get it.
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