Hey guys!
I play mostly rock I have an old Fender and I want to move forward. I know that the usual advice if I wanna buy a bass guitar say between 500-750 USD would be try some but I don't have that luxury. I live in Romania and the offer in this area is almost inexistent. So I need you to be my hands and ears and let me know what would you choose...
Thanks a bunch!
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be more specific.. you play rock name some bands. What is your price range? how many strings are you looking for? Give us some more information then it's easier to make suggestions.
800 USD max is my budget, I am looking for 4 strings. Rock bands something like Goo Goo Dolls or Foo Fighters. But I love to do some jazz-rock once in a while (I don't want to give names 'cause I don't want to be pretentious).
Well I really think you can find something very nice in that range but also realize that it is a very large range. If you're use to playing a Jazz bass but want to try something a little different take a look at the Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special or the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. They both have a P-J configuration and the P Bass Special has active pickups both both have a wide range of sounds. If you want a different style maybe some of the mid range Ibanez are a possibility. Granted it's at the top of your budget but possibly the Ibanez SR900 or its cheaper alternative the Ibanez Soundgear SR500 (i own an Ibanez SR485 and absolutely love it). There are alot of options but those are my 2 cents for your price range. Also consider looking into used basses as well.. sometimes buying a slightly used bass for a less money is a better option. Good luck!
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800 USD max is my budget, I am looking for 4 strings. Rock bands something like Goo Goo Dolls or Foo Fighters. But I love to do some jazz-rock once in a while (I don't want to give names 'cause I don't want to be pretentious).

If you are talking about jazz-rock, as in bands like incubus, I would suggest trying out the Warwick Rockbass line. Very good instruments for about that price. (Alex played warwicks.) But if you are talking about jazz fusion (also referred to as jazz-rock) I would suggest a fender mexican j-bass, or maybe a used fender USA.

If you are looking at getting a nice bass (one that you won't have to upgrade from for a while) I suggest you save up a little more money (around 1000USD) and start looking at used instruments (MM stingray, Warwick Corvette, more Fender Americans, etc.)
Dudes. Romania isn't America, hence the presence of "used market" is almost unexistent. And new, American-made instruments feature a huge price-tag.

asijos, your best bet will be to procure a WARWICK CORVETTE STANDARD bass. These are cheaper the closer you get to Europe. If you look good enough, you have the best chance of gettin it for 500-600 USD new. Look at the nearest countries, you might as well get a train ticket, it will be worth it.

In Moscow, a new Corvette Std Active costs 850$. That's the official dealer price. All the store clerks and stockers have 30% discount. I know a guy, hence, the corvette will cost me 600 bucks brand new. Look around, ask some folks. Livin in Eastern Europe suuuure is good, when it comes to Warwicks!

I wouldn't get a Fender, unless it's a Jap. There is this jap guy in Moscow that has prosperous buisness. He takes orders from people online, inqures Japanese used-market stores, and gives you several options to choose from, be that a bass, an amp, a keybopard, whatever. Jap Fenders are awesome.

EDIT: Say hullo to Zdob Si Zdub!!!

Zdubi batesi tare! =)
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^does that dude ship to canada by any chance? its not that far right? cross the ice bridge and your there.

i was just gonna suggest a fender active deluxe jazz, but bassilo's reply would probably work better for you.
SoCko, a fender active deluxe costs 1200 and up. That's just ridicolous. It's worth 600, tops.

Nah, he has an appartment, which is also his store in here. Moscow only. You place an order. You confirm the option. He brings it to Moscow. You take a final look. You buy) Cash-money onle-h.
deluxe active mexi, not american. the mexi is about 600-700.

and ive tried american deluxes, they're worth the 1200.
Thanks guys for your help. One option would be to get it in Europe, somewhere closer to home (that Rusia option sounds complicated but very possible) or I could talk to my american friends that come often to Romania to buy me one and bring me one. Plus my younger sister is somewhere in the US, working. Probably the used market is not an option (too risky). But other than that I am open to any suggestion. If my budget needs to grow to get something much better for the price, I'll wait.

And yeah, Zdob si Zdub rulles.
So I have options getting it, chosing it is what's bothering me. Any suggestions are helping me to see the big picture here.