hey ppl...

i need some help here!!

1. I have this bad tendency to break the e string whenever i bend it, no matter whose guitar i am using.. i have broken it 3 times this week

2. There is a sort of buzzing on my e string... sounds like it hasnt been fixed properly or something.. i removed and fixed it again, but the buzzing is still there

Please help!!
I like guitar...
It could be fret buzz (when the string rattles against the fret). You can solve this by raising the string height just slightly.

If you break strings on different guitars...er....either you bend way too hard, or the strings were all, coincidentially, really thin and really old.
it happens prominently on the open note.. other frets its better...

and about the bending... i dont bend by more than 3 notes.. i know guitarists who do more... but have never broken a string yet!
I like guitar...
maybe you need a heavier gauge of string on your guitar i have to have heavy bottoms coz mine used to break quite easily
dw about breaking strings ive broken 4 in one day all rehearsing before a gig. if its open note then check your neck relief and check your nut height cos the string can be sunken in too low