I have problem with picking up pickups into my guitar (Ibanez - basswood). What I have:

Neck humbucker (white or zebra with white colour) - I want something good for distortion/overdrive rythm tones (but not f*** EMGs!) - no ideas :-(

Middle single coil (white) - something for slow soloing/softer parts/clean - my only one idea - Seymour-Duncan STK-S2b - it looks so sexy with this single rail in the middle :-)

Bridge humbucker (white with sexy gold :-) - Position filled with DiMarzio Evo 2!

Well - I'm fan of "everything" - from Leds to Van Halen, from GNR to BFMV, Vai to Petrucci... so I want a little bit of everything :-) - hot metal in neck, blues & rock solos in the middle and sweet shrrrrreeeeeddddding bridge... What's your propositions?
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bridge hum maybe a bill lawrence L-500XL
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
Oh please god wake me