im in a band and we can play alot of cover songs. What im wondering is, how do u make lyrics to a song and have it sound good and not first grader ish. and Should i make lyrics first then the guitar and drum parts, or vise versa?
1) Have a good lyricist.

2) Whichever way you do it depends on how easy you find each way.

3) This thread shouldn't be here. There is a lyrics tips thread at the top and I believe this can also go in the Musician Talk forum.
good readers are good writers its just proof. for your lyricist he/she should have a nice vocabulary you dont need to be able to know post college level words but try not to use rhymes like "i was sad, you were mad" thats pretty elementary. just practice your writing.
Well for 1 you're in the wrong place you need to go to band leading or the pit or something. but to help a fellow rawker out, how my band does it is we come up with a riff on the guita add whatever words that go along with it then add in the rest of the instruments.
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