can someone please tell me if the AVT150X is a good amp for 700 dollars, also if not, can someone please tell me a very good amp for around that price, it needs an acoustic simulator too, i want a sound like protest the hero. if anyone needs more details on wwhat i want i'll answer.
I'm not an expert but from what I heard its not I was told to save up and get a marshall tube amp like the DSL 50.
yea but i need an amp as fast as possible mine is literally falling apart and only has 3 knobs, gain, voice, and volume...
Yea what you might want to do is save a little more, and/or looked for a used marshall DSL on ebay. It will sound much better than the AVT. There are also some decent acoustic simulator pedals out there for not too much money so you don't need to have it built into the amp necessarily.
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thank u both for helping me, im keeping my fingers crossed hoping i'll get the pedal and hte amp for under 900 bux. but if anyone knows, what amp does luke hoskin from protest the hero uses. hes amazing.