hey everyone
I am currently learning the solo of the song "fatal tragedy" from dream theater's scenes from a memory.
that is one tough solo!! I keep getting stuck on 80bpm and I just cant seem to improve my speed! what can I do?? maybe I am supposed to keep practicing until its working? or maybe I am doing something wrong?
Keep up the practicing, its petrucci so its not gonna be easy.
Im not familiar with this particular solo but just keep with it and you will get it, just make sure you are using the easiest fingerings and correct techniques and you will get there!
ok, thanks for the advice!
by the way, I heard that If u lower your top speed by a few bpm's and practice at the lowered speed for a while then you'll increase your speed much faster then with your top bpm. did anyone try this?
Well, you should only try to play faster once you can play perfectly in lower speeds, so you don't mess up muscle memory and lose accuracy.
Well if you can hit every note perfectly at lower speeds it makes it easier to climb to that point you need to reach!
rule of thumb that i heard "if you cant play it perfectly, your playing it too fast"
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"the solo from Fatal Tragedy"

dude, which one. there's like eleventeen of them. if you can tell me i might be able to help you.
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The one at 4:38, it's really the only real solo. Just play it slow, a lot.
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Play it three times through at 80bpm. Then play it another 3 times at 81bpm, then another 3 at 82, etc.

Sure by the time you learn it like that you'll be playing on a colony on Jupiter but if you have the grit and determination then you'll be able to do it no sweat.
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What does a girl have to do to get it in the butt thats all I ever wanted from you. Why, Ace? Why? I clean my asshole every night hoping and wishing and it never happens.
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Yeah, that's actually the way I do it, I practice it 2-3 times on a certain speed and then I move on.but sometimes I can play it perfectly on - lets say - 80 bpm but when I play it on 81 bpm I just cant seem to get it right!

I wonder how much time does it take to master a really fast solo.. currently I am playing it 60% off the real speed.

one of the problems I sometimes get is that my fingers are fast enough but my picking is not halfway there. really annoying.

what solo did u guys find very hard? did u succeed? and how much time did it take u?

I find jason becker and pertucci very hard.

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learning to solo fast is all about chops, analyzing your technique and perfecting it. make sure you work on lots of different solos,even if you learn them all at 60% speed,break them down as well. watch what you do and where you have problems with them and make up exersises to combat thes problems...

examples: moving up in the scale in the middle of the solo somtimes you might find that your pinky gets in the way and mutes the sound as you are switching strings. play the problematic few notes of the solo over and over slowly and concentrate on that pinky. or maybe your pinky just isn't strong enough. make up a repetative lick that uses your pinky to strenghten it.

once you do this with many solos and exersises you'll find they'll all sound and feel alot better/easyer. without putting all your practice time on getting one solo "up to speed" that may only utalize a certain technique that you can only use sparingly. the speed will come eventually (the more time you spend on it the faster it will come) i'm getting faster every week and you will to if you work at it.

I'd guess with solid basics, and assuming you just started wanting to "shred", you will get to the status of "shredder" in about year with good pratice but obviously not a great "shredder" like pettrucci. (thats just my experience anyway)
what program are you using to slow down the song? Is it guitar pro?

I am having a really tough time with a solo too.
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what program are you using to slow down the song? Is it guitar pro?

I am having a really tough time with a solo too.

Guitar Pro, Powertab (free).

And try an easy solo like Californication. I learned that on acoustic as my first solo.
how do you slow it down? I have a cough...free...cough copy of Guitar pro, but absolutely no idea how to slow it down. Just change instruments and stuff.
Change the tempo. I have powertab, but had a demo of GP. But I think GP has a way to slow it down and speed it up gradually.

Consult the help section!
Guitar pro works great for this kind of thing.

But here's how you want to do it: First you'll need something that you can increase speeds at in 1bpm increments, like guitar pro, a drum machine, a digital meteronome or whatever.

Cut the solo up into chunks, 2-4 bars usually or any obvious phrasings (although with Petrucci there usually aren't many or they're extremely long). Depending on the size of the solo and as I recall it's a long solo, you'll have a lot of these.

First, you find a speed where you can play it through perfectly. When I say perfectly I mean it. No accidental ringing notes, no mistakes, no wrong notes... Perfectly. You play through each chunk 4 times, if you make a mistake, you start over again until you can do each one 4 times through with no mistakes. If you keep making mistakes you need to slow it down more.

Next, you increase the speed by 5bpm or so. Once again play through each chunk. You can allow yourself a few errors, but overall it's got to sound good.

Again, increase the speed by 5-10bpm, this is your push speed, errors are allowable, you just want to push yourself to break your speed limitations. Play each chunk through twice. Remember you're training your muscle memory here, so you want to be playing it better more often than worse, however, if you don't attempt to push your speed barriers you'll never break them, no matter how badly you happen to play.

You'll also want to use this exact same method, but play the entire solo, instead of just a chunk at a time, but I'd recommend playing the entire solo 10bpm or so slower than you do each chunk, because lets face it, if you're trying to play a very long solo perfectly 4 times in a row, you could be sitting there for a very, very long time, and that's very frustrating.

Each day you increase the speed of each set by 1bpm. Yes 1bpm. The second you can no longer play your first set perfectly, you drop the bpm of all three sets by 5bpm.

This is a very daunting method, and it takes a long time to reach 100% speed, but let's face it, Petrucci didn't acquire his insane ability overnight, it took years, to develop the ability to play as fast as he does.

I can promise you one thing though, as slow as this method sounds it is one of the fastest and most effective ways of building speed that there is, and not only will you be able to play extremely fast, you'll also be able to play extremely clean, accurate, and without mistakes. Because we've all heard many guitar players who can play super fast, but sound like garbage while doing so.