Here is how this thread works:
I will put a list of a few of the definitive rock bands(sorry if you disagree with my opinions),and you have to put "Hurt" for the bands you want to eliminate,and a "Heal" for your favourite(only 1). This is to see the rock bands most popular here.
1) Led zeppelin
2) Iron maiden
3) Black sabbath/ozzy
4) Guns n' roses - HEAL
5) Aerosmith
7) Metallica
8) Nirvana
9) Deep purple - HURT
10)Sex pistols
11)Van Halen
If you find it impossible to do the above then add 1/2 of ur own after,but please put hurt or heal for the names mentioned.
Firstly, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Metallica, and Iron Maiden are NOT Classic Rock.

Secondly, this thread has been done more than Pamela Anderson

Thirdly, I believe the forum is still on it's break from "game" threads

That said,

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like stated above, those bands are not even classic rock.

not to mention, this has been done way too many times here!

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em.... it's still open?
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