YAY!!!! jello!!!!!
hes brilliant,he ALWAYS pwns all the lunatics that think theyre an offesive shocking band when really theyre just telling the truth
he really stood his ground and proved all those PMRC bastards wrong
remember tipper gore?
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your avatar rules
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Nice find.

I really liked the "corporate rodents" bit.
Too true.

Couldn't help but notice that Jello was eating at Oki Dogs
That place is the Cali-punk Mecca.
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I don't like straight edge because it's part of Hardcore, and I don't like Hardcore because, aside from the terrible music, the kids are often very homophobic.

You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful.
I'd love to be in that time.. to see them..wow.

Today sucks and most artists in the artists nowdays come.

Jello biafra exagerated his claims to a point that they weren't plausible . They seemed revolutionary due to the lack of opposotion and how noone took him down.
The zoom ins on his mouth only enhanced the lisp.

But in other news, "hoo hoo hoo ho hoo!"
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I've been busy getting drunk and yelling at endangered species for being pussies. It's a dehydrating job but someone has to do it.
^ I think he might've been "quoting" the Flipper song "Ha Ha Ha" when he said that. But I don't know when Flipper started so it might've been a coincidence, probably not though because the bands were good friends.