Not sure if this is in the right forum and its a bit of a noob question but ohh well.
I recently purchased a ukulele from a shop in bath, without any knowledge of uke's or previous intention to buy one. When i got home i wasn't sure of the correct tuning so i googled it and found out. However there was different tuning for different kinds (tenor, soprano, etc) and im unsure of what kind of ukulele mine is. It didn't bother me at first i just used the most common tuning, (GCEA) but i need to know what kind it is before i get a carry case for it. Does anybody know how to tell the difference please??? thx
well thats a bugger, take it back to the shop and ask, thats all i can think of.
I also just got one on vacation and its so friggin small i can't even handle it but i try... anyways it's kinda hard to ask if one can tell the difference if you just say it's a uke,and if you wanna buy a case you gotta go to the shop anyway,so just go ask and buy