I tried to get my local Maaco to repaint my guitar arctic white and they agreed for the last 2 times i called to confirm for sure that htey would do it and the price..etc. and now they changed their mind today and said they wouldnt do it after I already sanded off all my old paint and stuff to prep for the painting. Needless to say Ive already wasted a lot of money trying to paint this myself... but I would have just kept the color if i knew maaco wouldnt do it.

Anyways.. i was wondering if there is anyone on this site that would be willing to help me out and paint my guitar a solid color (arctic white like i already said... nothing fancy) for cheap... its in a scuff sanded state right now. I cant really afford to drop too much money so for anyone who could help me out i'd be really grateful.
You could on the other hand have your guitar looking 'distressed' if all else fails. I feel for ya mate
Well if it's already sanded you could just spray paint it then find somebody to put on the lauqer for you.
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