hi dudes,right im selling my 3 month old gloss black ibanez rd 300 series bass guitar and amp etc,the bass has just had a custom made mirror scratchplate made and fitted to it,the amp is a state of the art roland cube 100 watt,with built in effects and tuner etc,u can even record from it,also 3 months old and under a 2 year gaurantee.also included in the sale is a pedal switch for the amp,all leads,digital tuner,gig bag,stand and strap,also gonna throw in a new mike stand and microphone.im asking 300.00 for it all but will take serious offers.as stated all this equipment is almost new,im moving on to different things so must go.please email me 300.00
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Jesus I wish I had some money right now...
I'd have that off you like a shot.
Too bad i'm poor till christmas.
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Im presuming its in £.........how much in €?
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