Alright I'm just looking for a guitar to mess around with. I already have a fender strat, very nice.

I'm looking for something i can play a lot of effects and go crazy on it, perfabley cheap ( i alrady have a korg ax1500 fx pedal). A locking tremolo, a nice sound for hard rock. (maybe ibanez). One with a switch that i can use as a kill switch. (morello like). what would be a good guitar and about how much? thanks
Well I think if oyu look into the RG Prestige series you won't be dissapointed. Try to find an HSH setup, however, so you can get the best of both worlds.
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under 500. i was that guy on yesterday that asked about modding my fender strat so it will be like tom morellos "soul power" guitar. but people said that buying a new tremolo, installing a kill switch, and getting hot rails pick ups..would cost more than just buying a new guitar.
get a les paul standard! you turn the volume on the neck pickup to zero, and the bridge on ten, and use the picup selector as a killswitch
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under 500 wont get ya an RG prestige! lol not in euro anywayz.
i use an RG prestige (2620) and its friggin sweet, great trem.
um,i had an inkling that you like Tom from Ratm when you said kill switch, i dunno if ya can get them as factory feature. think you may have to jimmy that yourself, but i could be wrong. oh yea, it will cost ya more to install a kill switch and trem system for sure.
your askin for alot to get effects outta a guitar, could you not just invest in some effects pedals?!?!
i have an fx board already. just basically looking for the kill switch thingy.

what does the tremolo thing do exactly...does it make it sound better? do i need it?
it would certainly give you more margin for making cool sounds. you could also invest in a digitech whammy pedal. tom uses that (im certain enuff) and if not, you can achieve very similar sounds which he produces using one.

i remember i had an sg, and two volume knobs. little trick i learned while listenin to ratm was i could have one volume of one pick up on max, the other volume of the other pick up on zero. then, you can legato (hammer on in this case mainly) notes, and change pick up using the switch. you can experiment with that if it helps. just summin you could try.

um, you will find that, you can achieve certain sounds in a variety of ways. just improvise with what ya doin. tom cud be doin one ting to produce a sound, but im sure you can get that sound a different way. experiment i tink man, its fun too!