Heya, thank you for your attention!

I'm planning on buying a new guitar sometime and I'd like some advice from you all cunning freaks.

I play everything from funk to metal and everything in between.
Im also a shredhead.

I was planning on getting a Gibson Les Paul Standard of some sort but Im not sure its quite suited for shred but I've played one and it had this amazing sustain.
( I was still amazed after 2h when I left the store and thinking about it)
Im a tapper so I know it will be great with alot of sustain.

I've also tried some ibanez RG (higher end version no clue wich one though)
I reallt liked the tremolo but Im not sure I will use it to be honest.
Also the upper fret acess was LOVELY yet it didn't have the sustain as the LP did.

Ive always wanted a Les Paul from the moment I saw my first one.
Now my question is would it really suit what Im after?

Other suggestions are also welcomed!

Zakk Wylde shreds on an LP, Slash played damn fast on his, Hammett shreds like a bastard on his. If you have the talent, you could shred on a ukulele. It might not give you quite the ease of an Ibanez or Jackson neck, but if it's got the tone you love, then it's up to you to tease the speed out of it.
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if it was me it sounds like the RG is a better fit for your shredding and rock/metal type stuff. Also it can do the jazz, just depends on the pickups. but if you want to try something else, check out schecter guitars, they are pretty amazing look at a C 1 Classic
I think an LTD Ec-400 or ESP standard Eclipse would suit you well. They come with either seymour duncan or EMG pickups, have great thin, fast necks and great upper fret access but with the Les Paul body shape & tone.
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I've heard about those but the Gibson Les Paul look is simply stunning can't get my eyes off it....
Sure LTD - great but the Gibson looks pwns it
yeh and the ESP Eclipse is ****ing awesome cos i played them today smooth neck but i did feel abit slowed down with the painted neck and all. and since theres no budget why not just buy 5 guitars that will suit what your playing
look into some high end Deans, amazing sustain , better upperfret access than les pauls , and they look cooler
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An ESP eclipse with seymour duncans should be able to handle anything, its simarlar to the LP so its versatile, but more leant towards metal, but if you are that desperate for a les paul, get one
yes get an Eclipse i played one today and it is in heaven should go back to that store to talk about the Eclipse i wanna get. and if you seriously wanna do metal then get the emg model