Ok fellas, i've recently been lookin at some tube amps, and i want to know whats your faorite tube 2x12 or 4x10, but under $1000!

This should be fun!
the fender hot rod de ville 410 (i think it's 1100 cnd) but the 212 should be cheaper
i got my 410 used for 700
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Can I save money by using lightbulbs instead of tubes - will energy saving lightulbs last even longer?

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And the preacher up front says can I get a witness...The Peavy classic 50 is by far for the price THE best sounding mid price tube amp. For my taste (blusier feel) it has a a sweet sounding mid and high range. Edgy Overdrive, Good reverb, and a warm sugarry tone. Do Not Buy the Peavy Delta Blues (low on the watts). A Classic will set you back anywhere from $200-$400. Retails for about $600.00 I'm in the process of putting Texas Specials on my mim Strat. I'm salibating as I type on how it will sound

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