hi please help me i am stuck on what schecter to buy a c-1 clasic or a c-1 hellriser i like theam just as much as each other.but i carnt make my mind up on emg's or seymore duncens i am realy stuck please hellp me. i play allot of classic rock and allot of metal
well, i almost bought the classic. But, since i've only been playing for a year and a couple of months, it was really hard for me to find which frets and stuff. So, as my name says, i got the c-1+. But, if you can instinctively play and know which fret your on and so on, then i'd say the classic.
Oh, and it handles dropped tunings wonderfully. Mine can go to A# without trouble. So, if you like detuned metal, the classic is probably the best choice.