I currently own a ****ty Line 6 Spider II 150 watt head and cab and I was thinking of selling the head on ebay to go towards a better head. I want a decent tube head(preferrably) but I also heard some good things about the Peavey XXL. Actually I've heard alot of good things about peaveys. Anyway, I'd probably have around $300-$600 to spend (US money) and I was wondering what you guys would recommend. BTW I'll probably keep the Line 6 cab just because Im not wanting to spend $23903472348798 when I dont need to.

EDIT: I could also maybe go for a combo.
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Keep the cab and get a Peavey 5150 or 6505 off of eBay (used). You might have to spend around $600-800 but it will be worth it and better than the XXX
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jcm800(used) jcm900(used) both u can find for very cheap

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Line 6.. ugh.. poor bastard.

I second the JCM suggestion.
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