I'm wanting to fit a set of emgs (81 and 85) to my les paul custom and just wondered how easy it will be, will there need to be a bigger hole cut to fit them in depth wise? and if so how much would it cost to be proffessionally done?

any related replies would be much appreciated, thanks.
i was thinkin about doin the same with the zakk wylde emg set in my les paul custom, u don't have to have any body modification what so ever, just all new electronics, thats why i'm buying the set.
parker youre a complete fool get some real pickups like some single coils you girl
lmao, dumb*** who puts single coil's in a les paul.....other than P-90's of course, but seriously, the emg's just need electronic's swap, that's all, but i prefer passive pickups, but w/e floats your boat
yeah my other choice if i wanted passive ones would probably be the seymour duncon sh-8 invaders, not sure if theyd look right on a les paul though
well, the cleans kinda suck, but they're really not as bad as some people make them out to be, can always just tweak the amp and tone knob
fer emg's don't you have to route out a place for a battery box?
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