Do you guys think that if you are one of several people trying to get in the same band that they will take your equipment into consideration instead of your playing?
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probably not your guitar (unless its horrible) but there definatly going to choose someone with a say halfstack over a 10 watt practice amp
well , if you have 2 people on the same level and 1 of them has an amp that is not loud enough/sounds like **** , you might not get in . but if you play well they probobly would'nt have a problem as long as you upgrade eventaully
If the band is serious there not going to take a guy with a ten watt practice amp. But if its just a group of friends theyed probably not care so long as you were going to buy a new amp.
Yeah this puts me off auditioning, feel so unprofessional with my 100watt amp and Epi guitar.

Then again will your average drummer know the difference?

Will your average drummer know anything apart from how to bang a stick?
dude if your a good enough guitarist you should be allset. Also yea if there just average in teh first place its not like ther egonna be picky people. Also a person personality is a HUGE consideration in adding somone to a band. Id much rather have a decent guitarist thats cool than a virtouso whos a jerk.
I'm guessing that it depends on the band and their situation...
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if your good enough any band will snap you up wheather your gear is £10000 worth or £150 and if they dont F**K em find another band, and if you really have to blag it tell them your marshall stack is on order
IMO any band thats serious about what theyre doing and where they want to go in the future should definately take your gear into consideration. Just the same with if you can drive or not, how far away you live, your work schedule, your income (so if the band wants to tour its not just gunna be them paying for it while you get a free ride around the country), ..etc...
depends on the band.

Some posers around here just like the guy with the highest wattage amp.

I usually only get into the bands that want beautiful people.
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.I usually only get into the bands that want beautiful people.



It really depends on the band. Some guys wont care and will just be like well as long as you upgrade soon its cool. other bands wont.

Take mine for example im auditioning bass player because we fired ours. A really good player came and tried out the other day but his gear was **** and had no car no matter how good he was it didnt matter. We have recently jumped on the path to being signed by an indie label and possibly in the coming year or so after recording a CD touring so i dont have the time for guys that want to screw around or not be ready.

So in reality it all depends on the band
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