I have a 76 Dean Markley CD-60 tube amp. while setting up to play I plugged guitar into low channel.and without thinking ran cable from hi channel to the low side channel of a Peavy Bandit 65 solid state.turned them on and the sound is incredible the tube amp crunch is nasty,the cleans are mellow and smooth ,the highs cut like a knife .the Dean has an output sender channel on the back but does not seem to work right now.the question I'm asking is am I hurting the amp ? mainly the transformers. anyone ever do this cause the sound is hot and very controlable
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no, you're not really hurting your amps, it sounds like you're just slaving them

is it anything like this?

Yes thanks . I do have it that way .glad that no damage is being done the Dean amp has been modified and I would hate to hurt it .I'm going to try THD yellow jackets next .I've herd people talkin about slaving amps this is neat.
The older i get the faster i was
If i use my speaker cable from my head to the amp i want to slave, everything will be fine right? My head has 16 8 4 OHM jacks which should i use. Im going into a 15 watt amp as the slave.
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You never want to slave using your amp outputs (it's not really slaving anyways, if you used a line out/headphone jack featured on some amps, it'd be more like using it as a preamp). But using your amp outputs for anything besides speakers could damage your amp (i think mainly your output transformer might blow, which is costly to replace). You always want to slave using your input jacks NEVER YOUR OUTPUTS. Or you could get a Y splitter box and run them in more parallel/stereo fashion.