I really have my heart set on a V similer to that of Kerry King's. I mostly like the red one with graphics but i cant find a decent picture of that guitar and if anyone send me the link to one id really appreciate it. I also like his sig. but i dont want to buy the 850-900 guitar considering its a bolt on, has passive emgs, and a licenced floyd, and the inlays are wrong. I think thats really poor of BC Rich to do that but well. . . Does anyone have a thought to point me in the direction of haveing a similer guitar (visually), but that kicks more ass then the stupid KKV. And refinishing an option for me, as its a hobby of mine. Atleast tell me if you think i should start with a Jr. V NJ, or a Jr. V I.T., or just try for the KKV cause the graphic would look better then i could produce (i could pull it off but it wouldnt be perfect like the KKV atleast should be. . .)
The NJ Kerry King v is actually a decent guitar. I played one and I liked it. The Floyd is licenced, but better than the licensed models you get on most import guitars. The bolt-on neck doesn't matter a whole lot except for upper fret access. I'm sure King's neck thru Vs are easier to reach. But altogether, not a bad guitar.

But I'd take the NT or IT Vs over the Kerry King. I'd personally pick the IT because it has a fixed bridge, but the NT would be a good choice if you want a trem. I haven't tried the NT, so I cant comment on it directly. If you wanted to reproduce the paint job on Kerry King's guitar, this would probably be your best choice. The inlays would be wrong, but at least it would be a neck thru like his real guitars.

I did however try an IT V Jr and I thought it was awesome. It sounded good, the neck felt great, and the neck joint feels just like a neck thru. I was lukewarm on the pickups, but they weren't bad. And having the Widow headstock shape in maple in the back of the body looks pretty cool too. This would be my choice, but again, I like the fixed bridge better.
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I would prefer the fixed bridge specially since its string through body (sustain!), i was just worried it was ****ty. . . How tight is the window shape in the back, like if i wanted to refinish it and finish that part and the neck as well? And also, anybody still have pics of King's red v?