ok i go to a christian school and im not really christian just a bit.... so theres this gathering every monday for like half and hour and me and my friend were thinking of doing something... i can kinda sing a bit but were thinking of an instrumental.... any recommendations... it has to be related to something christian =/...

anyone know any cool pretty chords like Asus2????

an acoustic and probably a electric or another acoustic
Jesus Rocks by the Saviors
how bout system of a down... you should cover their song CHOP SUEY.. you definitely get some comments on your performance!!!!
Highway To Hell.......
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lol yea it would be pretty funny if i played highway to hell and told them the name after the song but plz be serious id like to but i cant... it also has to be like no distortion... just maybe clean or crunch and or just acoustic i was thinking of some good easy blues...

ill have to check that song thrashter thx for giving a logical answer =)