Hey, I'm getting a bass soon and i was wondering, can i play bass on a normal electric guitar amp.

Thanks in Advance
Well...you can, sound will come out, and it will obviously sound like a bass...but the quality won't be too great....I'd get a bass amp as soon as possible.
yes, just don't turn it up loud or you'll screw up your guitar amp because of the low frequencies, and your low end will really suck, i would suggest just buying a small bass amp or something
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if your guitar amp has a headphone jack, plug headphones in...tone won't be great, but you will bypass the speaker, which will prevent any damage from the low frequencies of the bass
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I play bass through my Peavey Classic 30 often. I can get it pretty loud too.

Just make sure you have strong speakers, or don't use the amp.
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Urge to kill rising... We really need to sticky a thread like this or tell people to use the search function.
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Today I decided to ruin my old Squier 10 watt guitar amp.. Why? Because I had a bass, and I'm a spiteful piece of works. The amp fell off a shelf 3 feet high onto my foot... Not impressed.

Thus, Israel's Son on a bass guitar vs 10 watt Squier amp.

You guess the victor.

Please, use the search button, Please, I don't want you to think I'm an ass or everyone in here is but we hear this question daily.

And yes, you can, but it will most likely do damage to the speaker and eventually blow it if you crank the amp. But if it's all you have, it will be fine. I used a 60 watt 2x10 combo guitar amp for weeks of practice and it still works, but i dropped the bass and cranked the treble, maybe I just got lucky.
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Don't play bass on a guitar amp!!!! it sounds like crap and you'll destroy the amp cuz it cant handle the low frequencies of a bass
Your speakers might blow up, just don't put the volume high, or near middle.

Try that during a gig and you'd be sued for manslaughter/
depending onm your guitar amp it may or may not sound like total ****, some bassists do in fact use guitar amps, but unless youre going through a bass cab theres a pretty good chance of your speaker blowing if you turn it up very loud.
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when i played with a guitar amp it sounded s****? Launguage allowed? New here? but enways its sound so much better on a bass amp.
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