I am loooking at buying a Schecter semi-hollow body guitar. i looked at it and realized that it had 2 input holes. what is that all about? and what one do i plug into?
Where are they? Pictures?
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Yeh pictures please, Ithat's the first I've heard of two input jacks on a guitar.
yeah, post some pictures, i would like to see about this
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probably one is high output, and one is low output
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Prolly they both do the same thing. Make it work. Or one is broke, and they put in another. Or one is in an inconveniant location, so they added another, or one is for one p-up, and one is for the other?
Do you hear any different with the 2 input jacks? (if no, then it's probably..SHOW US PICS)
Is there like a switch to switch between the 2 jacks? (if yes, then it's like an A/B thing)
its a new guitar (brand new) off of a dealer, so its not broen.and i didnt buy it yet, i jstu wanted to know more about it before i did buy it. so i dont have any pics, if i come across any, then ill show them.
their E/A semi hollow has two jacks, one for regular or piezo use.

simply, its like acoustic, electric, or stereo.

edit: mikeman had it.


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