I hate to ask this, but... what are some good settings for the 535Q Crybaby? I got a refund on my Spider II 112, and got a TS-808 Re-issue Tubescreamer and a 535Q. While the Tubescreamer was awesome trying it out (I really didn't even need to hear it for myself, SRV+Pearl Jam), the 535Q (and my memory is ALREADY fuzzy..) wasn't overwhelming. I was playing through a nice little Marshall combo tube amp, with a Les Paul and a Strat, and it didn't cover much "ground". My first amp, an Alesis Wildfire60 (****ty solid state) came with an effects pedal, which included a little wah thing. By comparison, the Crybaby didn't allow me to move my foot much before I had gone completely through the variety of tones. This is just petty quibbling, but it forced me to alter my wah style (which might explain my tone problem...), but I wasn't getting an immediate Voodoo Chile, or anything like that.

What I really wanted was a wah to do metal tones, and do the cleaner stuff, and Voodoo Chile stuff, competently. At the store, it DID (and still does) do metal stuff pretty good...

...but at home, it sounds like crap, frankly. I actually managed to fix my Spider II (haha!), so I've been playing through that, but before, I was running it through my Wildfire60. It is competent at the metal tones, but it doesn't give much in the way of tone, really. It's only serviceable.

Am I insane? I've been messing around with it, and I haven't managed to find any good tones. It's ONLY useful for metal, and then it's only passable. Is it my ****ty solid state amps? I would gladly accept this answer. Do any fellow 535Q owners have any input/advice? What might some good settings be? The settings the box provided suck. Thanks.

It's also worth noting that my Tubescreamer, without a tube amp, is still an awesome distortion pedal
Settings thread.
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