What are some good acoustic strings to get? I don't know what is on there now. It is an old Kay Acoustic.
Martin SP's and DR's.
I use Webstrings all the time - I play out almost every weekend and several times through the week. They're cheap enough to change frequently (2.70-3.00 a set) and I can't hear any difference between the Webstrings and the $8 Martins or D'Adderios. www.webstrings.com
Alot depends on what kind of tone you like. And also how often you might want to change your strings. I like a brite tone, so I like the Martin SP 80/20's in light guage. The Martin Phosper/bronze gives a mellower tone.
Elixer strings are brite and last much longer than most other strings.
D,Addario are good strings and Guitar Center currently has a good deal on them. Buy 10 sets of stings (easily a years worth for most of us) for $100. and get your chioce of a free Takimine Jasmine S-35 acoustic, OR the equivilent entry level Epiphone or Yamaha acoustics.
Not to dis your Kay, but if I were you, I'd think about it.
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Seconded, I've yet to find anything that matches the tone of "D's"...seriously, and theyre not all that expensive either. I've tried the martins but found them a little flat for the way I play, probably just personal though, lots of people rate them very highly.

Elixir are definitely good for the amount of time they last, it really does make a difference, but I find they quite quickly sound rather dull and muddy..
what about Adamas Strings or Omega
not sure wht kind my ovation has but thiers
1818 light gauge steel (i think)
1919 medium gauge steel (i think)
41 41 (normal tensiot) nylon
42 42(high tengion) nylon
ol i got this from the manual but i think i might need a pair soon
i like fast playing and for tone umm which sounds better

any suggestions?
Welll, for a nicer tone, most people would recommend thicker strings...say a set of .13's..however, thicker strings will probably slow you down a bit (theyre a little more difficult to play) So my advice would be to go for the happy medium and use a set of .12's...
I won't use anything other than D'addario EXP Phosphor Bronzes mediums. Great tone, plus they're coated before they're wrapped so they're not all slick, they don't 'shed', and don't have an overly bright sound like the Elixers. Plus Elixers consistenly broke on me. I've never broken one of these strings ever, I've always replaced them because they lose their sound. And since it's my practice guitar in Std Tuning, I play electric songs with alot of bends that would snap alot of strings.

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