roughly how much would it cost to put humbuckers ($60 ones) on my telecaster (including the cost for the humbuckers)? also, how will this help the sound of my telecaster? thanks!
i put a humbucker and a replacement single coil in my strat (original mexican strat) and it ran me about 40 bucks. Adding Humbuckers will give you a lot thicker of a tone compared to the original telecaster twang. Mostly it matters what humbucker you were planning of putting it in, what are your ideas so far?
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most techs charge between 40 and 50 to install pickups for you.
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between 40 and 50? sounds good. what all will they have to do to my guitar?
take the pickgaurd off,solider off the wires and then re-wore the guitars pickups,and wire up the new one(S) and then soldier them bak in and its set...
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1. no offense or anything, but there is no flippin way in this world im gonna do it myself, i would screw up the entire guitar. thanks for the help though, lol

2. another question: will my pickguard have to be cut to fit the guitar? and when i buy new ones do i have to get someone to cut the pick guard to pit over the humbucker? (i have a tele obviously and there is a hole for a single coiled pickup to go through but it isnt big enough for a humbucker.)
2. youve got two options, one which you mentioned. you could cut up your pickguard to fit said pickup or you could just get a whole new pickguard that was made to fit a humbucker in the neck position