Like using an up and down strum while palm muting power chords its done in alot of new school punk songs. I've been trying to get it right for a while now and it just doesnt sound right is there a technique to it or something? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
try using only downstrokes, or do you mean in songs that definately use up and down strokes?
i personally rotate my pick and use the side instead of using the point if it's a long breakdown with alt palm muting, it may sound a little different but i like it
Downstroke, and downstroke fast! It's hard but sounds good once you can do it fast enough. I find having the guitar low helps too, it's more comfortable for me to play that sort of music down at my knees but that's just personal preference.
You cant pick as fast as alternate when you downstroke. You gotta practice it, make that position comfortable to you, dont pick the string too hard and angle it a bit so that it wouldnt get stuck.
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im sure he's talking about songs where it is impossible to just downstroke (ie..august burns red :-) ) and the bands do use alt pming (watch the videos and stuff). I use like the bottom side of my pick for it.

yes if you become an expert you can do it all in downstrokes, but that's probibally far down the road for alot of us, so the alt is a good replacement if you do it right. Some bands tho do 12-16 pm notes in less than 2 seconds (ABR breakdowns, alot of hardcore music), and you cant tell me you can do that downword on two strings
And make sure you don't build up tension when palm muyinh and downpicking quickly, your guitar might explode and your balls might just get burnt.
doing all downstrokes isn't the best idea, even if it's cool and hetfield occasionally does it or something, in terms of technique it's generally a better idea to alt pick even though it is more difficult.

keep practicing! it'll sound right in the end. part of it could be the distortion your using and where your palm muting the guitar.
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try using only downstrokes, or do you mean in songs that definately use up and down strokes?

in songs that definately need up and down strokes.
It actually takes time to learn to palm mute proberly, but once you get it it's worth all the effort. Don't just downstroke it'll cramp your picking hand.

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