Yo, I just got my new Gibson SG 61' reissue and the other day i found out that George Harrisons SG was an original 61' BUT it had a nickle plate below the bridge (Like angus youngs). Can someone tell me if they had a name and if i can buy on seperate and maybe get a luthier to slap one on for me?
Isn't it also called a Lyre Vibrola Tailpiece?

Either way, I think it looks like crap on an SG.
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Agreed, you guys are right about the piece it is a Vibrola Tailpiece.
But damn dude, it will look like crap! If you went as far as getting an actual Gibson reissue dont mess it up.
You realize you're complaining about the new Gibson 61 you just got.... you do realize this right? I'd love to have it.
He didn't get a Custom Shop RI he probly got the Gibson USA '61 RI, it is a standard with a smaller Pick Guard, and different pups. A Lyre Vibrola really only works on a SG. If you want a trem on the SG I say go for it if you can find one. If not look in to Bigsbys.
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