how hard would this be...i have decent knowledge of how to wire subwoofers and amps in cars...any costs or good sites are appreciated
Shouldn't be too hard as long as you buy a good preamp and poweramp and just wire them to a speaker and make a wooden cabinet for it all. It would be easier to make it like a rack. Have the preamp in the top slot, the poweramp in the bottom, and then have a larger spot on the bottom and put the speaker in there. Then close off the back, and fasten the pre and poweramps to the cabinet. And I would suggest covering it after with a tolex covering of some kind.
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^I think he means to build it from scratch.

It's not very hard to do a good beginner project, but you need to be careful. It's very easy to get shocked badly, even if you unplug the amp first. You can't make mistakes, or you can get seriously screwed.

I would recommend learning a bit more about electronics first too...
Wiring speakers and pre-assembled audio stuff doesn't really count, it's incredibly easy.
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actually they both sound like good ideas...i just got a fairly decent paycheck so i think im going to give them both a shot
for a full combo, expect to pay atleast around 300-700 for parts (depends on what kinda combo you want to build). It might be cheaper if you're building your cab from scratch.