It's a complete bitch to find good scale and key diagrams, so I've decided to post all of the good resources I've found.

The files are attached to this post as .zip files and there's 2 parts to download. I also included a blank tablature sheet for all you aspiring song writers.

They're all in word documents, ready to print, so do yourself a favour and download Download DOWNLOAD!!
Righteous man. Thanks a bunch. Until we get the FAs started/finished/whatever, this will be stickied! This will probably get included in the FAQ, or at least the things like the blank tab sheet will be.

If you find any more please post it here (THIS GOES FOR EVERYBODY!). This will save us a billion and a half repeat threads.

So... everybody add on!

I don't quite feel like waiting for the MT Sticky to be done. This is just a temporary solution.
Looking for my India/Django.
You bitch you gave me like 300 viruses!

No im kidding, thanks a ton for these!
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Tomorrow I'll save them as .pdf files and zip them back up (I'm going to bed right now). Hopefully everybody can open those :O.

i can't open them it says somthin but a graphics converter

Don't know how many of you use the Opera browser, but it's worth switching to for this one widget alone: http://widgets.opera.com/widget/4213

A very low-CPU scale widget with a boatload of modes (hehe) in a simple drop-down menu. It's open about 90% of the time I'm on the web. The best part about Opera? Voice-controlled browsing people! Guitar in hand, widget in sight, web by mouth!!
You won't regret the switch, even if you only use it part-time. I still use FireFox or SeaMonkey when I want security. But when I wanna jam, I use Opera w/a mic.
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